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The majority of the Nepal photographs are courtesy of
Jay Jackson Photography

In March of 1999, Dr. Zamber and his associates traveled throughout Nepal, from Kathmandu to the border of India. In Kathmandu, Dr. Zamber had the privilege of working with Dr. Sanduk Ruit at the Tilganga Eye Center and Dr. Shawshank Koraila of the B.P. Koirala Eye Institute. Both Dr. Ruit and Dr. Koraila have been instrumental in developing and implementing eye care services in Nepal and they work tirelessly to provide services for millions of people with blinding conditions in Nepal. Dr. Zamber examined hundreds of patients for eye infections and disease, performed cataract, glaucoma, strabismus, and reparative eyelid surgeries, and provided training to students who were in the process of becoming ophthalmic surgeons.

The team performed need-assessment at local hospitals, orphanages and the SOS Children's village in the Tibetan refugee camp in Pokhara.

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